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pag520c üyesinin İletişim Detayları
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pag520c Hakkında Ek Bilgi
Location: HANGZHOU
Bio: Our Product
Human hair, lace front wig, hair extension,remy hair,virgin hair,synthetic wig ,etc.
Product Application
Initially, the wig was provided to a person who was born with thin hair or had poor hair quality as a is also used in appearance, gender, age, personality changes and changes. It's more convenient to pick and choose, length and length, color, and combing. It's not new for a person to have multiple wigs.
Production Equipment
Drawing machine, three-needle machine, hair dryer, wig cleaner, dryer, wig oven
Production Market
The products are mainly sold to the Middle East, and the style and quality of products have been recognized by our customers. Has been with the world's top wig manufacturers have a good technical exchanges and cooperation in the wig market has a pivotal position.
Our Service
Pre-sales mainly use Google, Alibaba and other overseas platforms to release product information to attract customers.
Sales: Through the company's main members to various countries to participate in the exhibition, on-site or through e-mail to communicate with customers around.
After-sale: According to the customer's request, provide corresponding wig use and maintenance methodsChina Multi Color Curly Hair Extension
Sex: Male