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ultra low density hollow microsphere suppliers - Wyz09hx - 10-18-2018

Our History
Zhongke Yali Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. It locates in Shouguang, Shandong. Zhongke Yali cooperates with Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry(TIPC), Chinese Academy of Science.
Our Factory
Zhongke Yali established “Research and Development Center of new materials for Oil-Gas and Energy Conservation- Environment Protection”with TIPC. We have the first-class equipment and the most advanced technology in the area of hollow miscro-bubbles and miscrosphere proppant.
Our Product
1.High-performance hollow glass micro-bubbles, composing with aluminium-rich silicate.
2.Ultra-low density and high crushing strength vitrified porcelain miscrosphere proppants
Product Application
1.The high-performance hollow micro-bubbles can be widely used in aerospace, buoyancy in deep-sea submersibles, paint coating, lightweight insulation board, plastic, glass reinforced plastics, artificial stone, putty, sports equipment, automotive, emulsion explosive, low density slurry and drilling fluild.
2.Ultra-low density miscrosphere proppant is used in the field of oil and gas.
Production Equipment
We have the equipments with the annual capacity of 10000 Tons now.
Production Market
All of the products are going to be sold to Japan, Korea, USA, Middle East, Europe and other areas may use our products.ultra low density hollow microsphere suppliers

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